Rock Werchter Festival 2013

Stageco’s XXL-Roof system was used to create the main stage for the first time in the history of the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium.  To support the 76 tonnes of production equipment and four layers of rigging, the system was constructed an extra 4m higher than the set-up for Madonna’s 2012 MDNA World tour. On the Saturday of the festival an extensive changeover to the stage was implemented for Rammstein’s show which incorporated giant flame-throwers, fog machines and a lot of props which had to be integrated into the stage.  In total, Stageco built around 45 truckloads of material including several side-structures such as a video-portal next to the KlubC tent and a decorative 'crown' structure which was embedded into the middle of the festival site. Stageco also supplied 18m x 13m and 18m x 10m truss grids to hang lighting and sound equipment in other arenas.